Our obstacles are constructed to be fun yet challenging for you to conquer. Climb over our giant wall, manage your way through our under-over obstacle, run with a bail of hay hoisted on your shoulders, crawl through our mud, and challenge yourself on our many other obstacles! One thing is for sure: You are bound to have a great time.

Not sure you can tackle one of the obstacles? Not to worry. You are at the race to challenge yourself and to have fun. If you are not sure you can conquer an obstacle, OR think you might injure yourself, we will have an alternate option set-up for you to do!

New Obstacle in 2017

Wall Climb

Pirate Walk


Ring My Bell

Landshark Rope Climb

Claustrophobic Culverts

Ape Hanger

On the Rocks

The Moguls

Swing State

Redneck Bathtub

Hitting the Walls

Goodbye Spare Tire


Drop and Give Me Twenty I Said!

Burford Stew

A Bridge Too Far

Across The Pond

Spiderman Climb

Escape The Pit

Over Under